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Emergent Health Corp. is a public company (trading under the symbol EMGE) dedicated to the betterment of its shareholders and product consumers. We believe we have a developing product line to become a leader in the field of Regenerative Medicine and improved neutraceuticals and phytonutritionals to be available to the general public without a prescription.

The Answer to Weight-loss and Nutrition

Hungarest(TM) diet aid is totally unique in the way it works. It is carefully designed and uses natural substances to control appetite in the brain and stomach. This dual action can produce a result far beyond what any one mechanism of action is capable of producing. It appears to offer new hope to those wanting to lose weight. Likewise, the effects of using the product appear to reset the natural appetite even after the product is discontinued and weight loss goal attained.

The Vita-Stim(TM)

phytoceutical is a new class of nutrient.

Vita-stim can enhance the immune system and provide benefits far beyond those supplements currently on the market. By its multiple mechanisms of action, it can further each persons own natural stem cell process and aid in a natural healing process. With its patented combination of ingredients our Vita-Stim(TM) supplement has the potential to become to the supplement field the key supplement one will want to take after they take their multi-vitamin. It literally places the dream of stem cell research into the hands of each person, the benefits to be attained governed only by each individual’s need.

Wrinkle Reduction

Without the Pain of Botox Injections. This is a unique approach to decreasing facial wrinkles without the need for painful injections. [ Botox is a registered trademark of Allergan ] A patent was recently allowed for this product and multiple plans are in the offing.


Neuvitale(TM) Life Suppport is the latest addition to our patented and patent pending portfolio offering. Not only does it contain ingredients that optimize health similar to Vita-Stim, it also contains another patent pending aspect that literally not only aids in digestion but also increases absorption thus further assisting adult stem cell propagation. It is our Physican only brand.

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